4000 Gus Young Blvd, Suite #YEZ Baton Rouge, La , USA

YEZ Principles

Changing The Game

YEZ is built on some solid principles that will have immediate and lasting impact.  Here are a few of them.


A key to winning is feeling like you can, feeling that you are worthy of it! WE help the youth and the community understand and maximize their worth and value. The base of execution and results are built on one's perception of self.
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Tangible Skills

It's more than just hype and hope, WE help teach tangible(and valuable) skills that will allow our youth to have value in the workforce. Real skills add real value to their real life, and give them real control.
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Show them the way. Show them what being a good human being, a good citizen looks like. Show them you care. Show them the pathways they can choose from. Pour Your Life Experiences into them. Thats what great mentors do.
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